Four things we’d like to see in the rumoured LEGO Harry Potter $470 Hogwarts Express

Rumours suggest that a huge LEGO Harry Potter set for the Hogwarts Express is on the way, and there are a few improvements we’d like to see.

Though they should be taken with caution as they have yet to be confirmed, rumours of a $469.99 Hogwarts Express have surfaced, offering a comparison to an already-released model.

With 75955 Hogwarts Express currently available, let’s look at what improvements could be made to the magical brick-built train with a larger budget.

4 – Tracks

LEGO 60205 Tracks

One of the most notable omissions from 75955 Hogwarts Express is the lack of LEGO track elements, considering the train is more than capable of running on them. It might be that they weren’t included in that initial model to keep the cost down, though, considering the potentially high price point of this rumoured model, we’d like to see at least enough track to fill out the reported station.

3 – Detailed models

This might go without saying, but one of the most obvious improvements to 75955 Hogwarts Express with a bigger budget is increased detail on the builds. Inspiration for an eye-catching train and station can be taken from the official set 10194 Emerald Night as well as the fan-made The Meeting Point, which is currently in a LEGO Ideas review round. That station might serve as a better source of inspiration for Kings Cross rather than Hogsmeade though.

2 – Exclusive minifigures

LEGO Harry Potter 75955 Hogwarts Express Trolley Witch

Most of the characters who used the Hogwarts Express in the Wizarding World were students of the school, though 75955 Hogwarts Express did include one member of staff who was seen on the train in the films – the Trolley Witch. We’d like to see her get an updated minifigure provided this rumour is accurate, as well as a new minifigure for the conductor.

1 – More than one carriage

75955 Hogwarts Express Harry Potter

75955 Hogwarts Express only included one carriage to attach to the main engine, and though that was enough room for the featured minifigures, at least one more would be appreciated in a bigger set to fill out the classic train with more characters and students on their way to Hogwarts.

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    Or we could have trains that aren’t part of a tired and ethically questionable franchise.

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