Free Coffee brick promotion with Firestar Toys

Over at Firestar they’re big fans of weekends because it means they have more time to play with their LEGO. Sadly the weekend has an arch enemy… Mondays! To help them battle through the Monday blues and LEGO withdrawal symptoms, they (like me) go through copious amounts of coffee. After their 8th cup, they quickly realised that their Minifigures must feel the same, so they’re on a mission to help them get through their Monday blues. On Monday the 19th of October 2015 their Coffee cup Brick will be completely free. So please, stop your Minifigures from suffering this Monday, give them a coffee brick to take them through to the weekend.

If that’s not enough to perk up your Minifigure, they’ll be attending the Brick show at the Birmingham NEC from 30th October – 1st November, they’ll be taking a variety of other custom bricks and accessories to the show, so pop by stand 66 and check them out. They have everything from Beer Belly toting torsos, to Zombie heads and Paramedic uniforms for you to dress your Minifigure in, as well as show exclusive discounts and offers.

So what’s the catch?

Don’t worry there isn’t one, we’ll just own your soul! …Just joking. The Coffee Bricks are limited to 1 per customer and the offer will only be available on Monday the 19th. If you’re already in the process of ordering from us simply add the Coffee brick to your order and ta da, pay nothing for it. Unfortunately, the post man isn’t as kind, so postage is still applicable, so if you’re ordering only the coffee brick, you’ll need to pay the postage for it. Global shipping available.


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