Friends are Family from The LEGO Batman Movie now online

The LEGO Batman Movie concludes with a big song-and-dance number to kick off the end credits, from the point of view of Robin. The song, Friends are Family from Oh, Hush! Is part of The LEGO Batman Movie soundtrack.

Entertainment Weekly have this exclusive video clip of the movie’s closing song:

Director Chris McKay explained the choice in an interview with the website:

I wanted the movie to end with joy. Like, really go over the top and move the needle from Batman’s point of view at the beginning to Robin’s POV by the end. Actually, my dream would have been to make this movie a musical. I think if we had more time, there would have been a version of this movie that would have been a full musical and had more point of view songs like that for sure. But really, we just wanted people to leave the theater smiling and feel good as Batman embraces these people.

The LEGO Batman Movie is now on general release. The LEGO Batman Movie range of LEGO sets are currently available to buy at

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