Funky 3D Faces exclusive discount code

Funky 3D Faces provides unique 3D-printed LEGO-compatible heads, and they are offering an exclusive discount in Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 10.

Using 3D printer technology, Funky 3D Faces prints photorealistic three dimensional models of practically anyone’s head, compatible to LEGO minifigures and created to hyper-realistic levels of detail, thanks to a colour range of more than six million colours.

For a truly unique product (with some customisable options too), just order at and, via a private fulfilment area provided, submit two photographs of your chosen subject (you, a friend, someone you want to scare) following the UK-based company’s simple photograph guidelines. Within two weeks of placing your order, you can then expect to see a little 3D-printed version of your chosen person’s head arrive through the post, ready to be stuck on a LEGO minifigure’s body.

The good news for Brick Fanatics Magazine readers is that you can now save 20% on all orders (not compatible with any other offers) at Only inside Issue 10 of Brick Fanatics Magazine, readers can find an exclusive discount code on Funky 3D Faces’ full-page advert that can be applied at the checkout at The discount is set for a time-limited period and can only be used once per customer.

Pick up a copy of Issue 10 of Brick Fanatics Magazine to benefit not only from such unique savings, but also great LEGO content, including a special look at LEGO Pirates, as well as features on Overwatch, 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer, Hidden Side and much more.

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