Future LEGO video games will explore new ‘genres, platforms and game types’

The Head of LEGO Games Publishing says future LEGO video games will venture into new ‘genres, platforms and game types’.

Speaking to Nintendo Enthusiast about the upcoming LEGO Builder’s Journey port to PC and Nintendo Switch, Murray Andrews teased the LEGO Group’s video game arm has ‘lots of exciting plans’ for future titles.

LEGO Games Publishing’s mission is to explore new ideas around LEGO games and digital play including genres, platforms and game types that have not been explored in a LEGO context before,” he explained.

“Builder’s Journey on Switch is the first step towards that mission, and we will continue to explore other areas to help us with our goal of bringing LEGO games to new and exciting places in gamers’ lives.”

LEGO Builder’s Journey – a puzzle game designed to replicate the feeling of building and playing with physical bricks in a digital space – is a great example of how future LEGO video games might break away from the formula established by TT Games over the past decade and a half, while that studio’s own LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has seemingly stalled.

More of those new experiences will also come courtesy of Light Brick Studio, the development team behind LEGO Builder’s Journey. “I can’t really get into too much detail at the moment, but we are working on new ideas for the next LEGO experiences from Light Brick Studio,” Game Director Karsten Lund told Nintendo Enthusiast.

You’ll be able to play LEGO Builder’s Journey on PC and Switch from June 22. If you’ve got an iOS device, you can try it out right now through Apple Arcade.

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One thought on “Future LEGO video games will explore new ‘genres, platforms and game types’

  • 15/10/2021 at 00:08

    I am very much looking forward to any new Lego video games. I was so sad that the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga was taking so so so long to be released. Lego video games is my favorites as well as the Big Fish games. But the Big Fish games are on my tablets as obviously the Lego video games are on PlayStation.


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