German catalogue reveals sneak peak at more 2016 LEGO sets including Giant Man

A LEGO fan over on Flickr has uploaded photos of the “016 German consumer catalogue,the pictures show us details of unseen sets including next years Elves theme, Speed Champioms, Bionicle and Minecraft. Now personally all are just meh as not a fan of these themes. However the images of the new Super Hero sets are awesome. These includes massive Captain America Civil War spoilers as we get Giant Man. We know Ant Man has learnt how to shrink but in the film he must realise how to grow. It looks an awesome set. We also get our first movie Falcon, Black Panther and more.

Then on top of that we get to look at Might Micros the new awesome sub theme for both DC and Marvel fans. What you waiting for reading this check out the gallery here. Thanks to Chris for messaging me on Facebook at tea time with the news but I was at my weekly track session, so playing catch up 😛


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2 thoughts on “German catalogue reveals sneak peak at more 2016 LEGO sets including Giant Man

  • 18/12/2015 at 11:24

    Thanks for taking the Giant Man surprise away from me LEGO! But the figure looks interesting none the less.

  • 18/12/2015 at 11:11

    Let me see if I can get a hold of the Swiss copy as they are on par with DE…….will try to scan them in if available,


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