German LEGO Christmas Point of Sale

Just a quick look here at how Germany is marketing LEGO for this Christmas. Yup, it is only 8 weekends away……….madness. As you can see from the store displays in my local “Asda” this is getting HUGE shelf space, more so that arch rival Playmobil which is a massive, massive brand in central Europe.

And it is all specifically geared up for the festive season which allows the retailer to stack lots and lots of sets intertwined with some visual LEGO product displays. It does draw you in and makes you want to buy something, maybe something random, but something………….


Incidentally, I know last year the UK had a few issues getting hold of the Chrimbo advent calenders, but in Germany you cannot move for falling over them. And they are even discounting the sets by €2 making them retail at €17.99. I can also take another 19% off this which makes these a very attractive proposition indeed.


Nothing similar in France at the moment, but Switzerland almost runs such promotional material in tandem with Germany. Nothing out in Switzerland yet, but only a matter of time.


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