Get LEGO Minifigures Online at 50% OFF + Free Minifigure!

If you have registered for minifigures online a random Series 14 Minifigure has been added to your LEGO Minifigures Online account at no additional cost!

Don’t own LEGO Minifigures Online? You can now purchase the game a 50% discount for only $14.99, if you act before September 8th 2015. Your free MONSTER Minifigure will be waiting for you when you login.

Tiger Woman, Skeleton Guy, Monster Rocker, Zombie Pirate — there are sixteen new Minifigures in Series 14, each with their own awesome abilities!

Please note LEGO Minifigures Online switched from free-to-play to buy-to-play on June 29th 2015, and now requires a one-time purchase to access the game and all content. If you purchased the game after this change, you can log into the game today to discover what MONSTER you have received by using your exclusive code to unlock a free, random Series 14 Minifigure to play with! Which one will you get? Tiger Woman? Skeleton Guy? Use the code to find out!


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