Guz Khan takes top prize in Taskmaster with LEGO version of his own face

Comedian Guz Khan won big on last week’s episode of Channel 4 game show Taskmaster by presenting a huge LEGO mosaic of his own face.

The 12th series of the show – which sees celebrities and comedians competing to complete increasingly insane (or just inane) challenges – kicked off last month, with Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell all going head-to-head to score points and win prizes.

Those prizes include the five objects that each contestant brings into the studio for each episode’s first task, all anchored around a specific criteria. The second episode of Series 12 called for the quintet to bring in ‘the most awesome square’, and for Guz Khan – creator of BBC series Man Like Mobeen – that meant a giant LEGO mosaic of his own face.

Guz Khan LEGO mosaic edit
Image: Channel 4

The mosaic was apparently gifted to Khan by a fan, and while there’s no confirmation that it uses genuine LEGO pieces, it’s clearly styled much in the same way as the official LEGO Art range (only with square elements instead of round plates and tiles).

Host Greg Davies was enamoured enough with the artwork that he awarded Khan first place in the prize task – and the comedian then went on to win the entire episode, ensuring he didn’t have to give up the mosaic to one of his fellow contestants (or, more accurately, that one of his fellow contestants wasn’t lumbered with a huge picture of his face).

It’s not the first time LEGO has made an appearance on Taskmaster. Back in Series 10, comedian and LEGO MASTERS Series 2 guest judge Johnny Vegas brought in custom LEGO minifigures of himself and his family for the ‘most narcissistic thing’ prize task.

Featured image: Channel 4

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  • 06/10/2021 at 08:26

    LEGO has also appeared in Season 1, Episode Nine of Taskmaster NZ which a custom (probably authentic) LEGO Taskmaster Roller Coaster!


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