Has a LEGO Advent Calendar revealed the next modular building?

A new theory suggests that the theme for the next LEGO Modular Building may have already been teased but does this speculation have a solid, seasonal foundation?

A LEGO YouTuber believes that they may have figured out which location the 2022 Modular Building will be themed to as Bricksie presents his theory in a new video. Be aware that nothing has been confirmed just yet and any information present in this article is purely speculative.

The theory hypothesises that 60303 LEGO CITY Advent Calendar has unveiled the next set in the modular collection, following on from the 2020 iteration featuring a police station, the same type of building that would then be revealed in 10278 Police Station. Supposedly, one of the microscale buildings in the 2021 version is repeating this.

A hospital is amongst the small city modules in the most recent LEGO CITY Advent Calendar – suggesting that the medical location could be a tease for the next Modular Building, especially with no minifigure-scale version releasing since 60204 City Hospital in 2018.


Whilst this may be exciting to theorise, the range of smaller models in both seasonal sets draw from inspiration inside and out of the sets, meaning that nothing in this theory is guaranteed. It could be that the hospital was only included to diversify the combined range of 2020 and 2021 microscale buildings.

We’ll be sure to update you when the latest instalment in the LEGO Modular Building Collection is revealed but for now, you can look forward to the release of 60303 LEGO CITY Advent Calendar on September 1.

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