Haunted House Monster Party at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has some terrifying new tenants as Lord Vampyre and his monster menagerie have taken up residence in the brand new Haunted House Monster Party attraction

When the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort opened in 1996, most of the theme park’s rides were outside, which meant guests got plenty of fresh air, but it also meant that the variable British climate could quickly put a dampener on a day out. In the last few years, the popular tourist attraction has put a lot of effort into opening more indoor experiences, meaning that there is plenty to do on even the wettest of days.

The latest addition to the line-up is the Haunted House Monster Party, which Brick Fanatics attended the opening of on April 13, 2019. Lord Vampyre’s very first guests were directed to take the waiting Hill Train through the park down to Adventure Land. Spooky signs pointed the way to the Haunted House Monster Party and upon arriving the Count himself was there to greet his latest victims – sorry, guests.


Other members of his ghostly gang – Spider Lady, Witch and Scarecrow – were also on hand for a meet and greet photo opportunity.

The new attraction is located opposite Atlantis and Coastguard Rescue. It is a huge new building based on 10228 Haunted House, with oversized recreations of spider webs, wooden tiles, balloons and more adorning the outside.  All around the exterior, fantastically frightful large scale brick built animals and monsters – including a giant gargoyle and spider – add to the supernatural setting. As fans familiar with LEGOLAND will know, these are impressive sights to behold and add a lot the overall experience of the theme park.

Once the huge creaking doors swing open, guests are led into a darkened hallway where Lord Vampyre and his ghouls are ready with a short welcome, before inviting everyone to take their seats in a giant banqueting hall. The dining table is chock full of brick built food and drink as well as huge LEGO pieces that add devilish decoration to the rest of the room.

Once guests are safely strapped into their seats, the eerie entertainment begins. The ride is designed in a way that it feels like the whole room is being flipped upside down – there were certainly more than a few moments where I lost my bearings.

The official opening was hosted by LEGOLAND Operations Director Chris Ireland and drew a huge crowd, with both young and old fans alike eager to experience the spook-tacular fun for themselves.

The Haunted House Monster Party will surely be a fangtastic (last pun, promise) addition to the park – but as a little advice for parents, it might prove a little too scary for the youngest of children. For everyone else, the typical LEGO charm stops it from being anything approaching a scary experience.

Haunted House Monster Party is now open at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. Tickets can be booked at the official website.

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