Highlights from LEGOLAND California Star Wars Days

As the season of LEGO Star Wars Days taking place at LEGOLAND theme parks around the world wraps up, StarWars.com has shared a few highlights from the LEGOLAND California version of the popular event.

The official Star Wars website reported that the event, which took place on June 3 and 4, saw plenty of contests and opportunities for fans to win prizes, based around the Star Wars Miniland area of the park.

“Since opening in 2011 and with the most recent major addition of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Miniland Model Display, LEGO Star Wars Miniland has become one of the most popular areas for children and their parents,” said Peter Ronchetti, general manager of LEGOLAND California. “We are thrilled to host LEGO Star Wars Days and enjoy two full days of galactic entertainment and fun dedicated to Star Wars past, present, and future generations.”


Executive Producer Michael Price introduced a special screening of the Droid Tales animated specials as part of the event.

“We had C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, and Lando Calrissian voiced by Billy Dee Williams,” said Price, when asked by a boy about how hard it was to find a voice cast to match the films’ actors. “Everyone else we had to find people who sounded like the original people. There are a lot of very talented actors out there, and so it was hard because we had to find someone who could sound just right. The hardest person to sound like was Harrison Ford, and we went through a bunch of people and finally found a great guy, Michael Daingerfield, who does a really good Harrison Ford for Han Solo.”


Of course no Star Wars event is complete without costumed characters in attendance, and sure enough costuming groups arrived to immerse visitors in the world of Star Wars.

The park kicked off each day with a huge procession of Star Wars characters in the entry area to mark the opening of the park, and continued with meet and greet opportunities throughout the day, both with the Death Star corridor backdrop from the 501st Legion’s San Diego chapter, the Imperial Sands Garrison, in front of LEGOLAND’s central lagoon, and with characters roaming LEGO Star Wars Miniland. And the clubs were up to the challenge.

LEGO Star Wars Days will return to LEGOLAND theme parks in 2018.


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