Home made LEGO cars take to the roads

LEGO cars were taken out on the open road by four YouTubers, in what must be a child’s dream scenario.

Four YouTubers modified a few golf karts with oversized LEGO bricks, giving the illusion that they were driving around in oversized LEGO cars – and then took them out for a spin. The vehicles resemble the mish-mash of colours that come out of a brick bucket, that a child will slap together to come up with a rather colourful vehicle.

It seems from the reaction of others on the road and the sidewalk that the LEGO cars prove popular, as the drivers take in McDonald’s, a college and a while on the highway. The video also reveals that a brick built car is handy, as the removable blocks serve as useful projectiles.

Given that the “cars” lack any basic safety features, such as seatbelts and mirrors, a Police car does stop the two vehicles. No-one is charged for anything, but it puts the LEGO related fun to a stop as the group wait to be picked up with their modified golf karts.

For anyone who fondly reminisces about enjoying the Driving School at a LEGOLAND theme park, this might be the closest way to have the same experience as an adult.


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