How big is LEGO for Adults 10294 Titanic?

The newly-revealed LEGO for Adults 10294 Titanic comes in at an incredible size, but exactly how tall, long and wide is this ambitious recreation of the iconic vessel? 

That’s no doubt the question on most fans’ lips with the announcement of the long-rumoured (and heavily-anticipated) 10294 Titanic, which the LEGO Group pulled back the curtain on earlier today. It’s an impressive display piece, no doubt – but looking at its vast proportions, you may be hard-pressed to actually find somewhere to display it.

According to the official press release, 10294 Titanic measures a stunning 135cm long, 44cm tall and 16cm wide. That’s longer than 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer (110cm), 10221 Super Star Destroyer (124.5cm) and the full span of 75978 Diagon Alley (102cm), and creates quite the conundrum as a centrepiece of any collection.

LEGO for Adults 10294 Titanic 39

Essentially: you’re probably going to need a bigger shelf, and that’s only after you’ve spent countless hours putting it together. Those 9,090 bricks make 10294 Titanic the second-largest set of all time by piece count, behind only 31203 World Map, and certainly the biggest-ever set that isn’t just a bunch of 1×1 round tiles and plates.

Click here to learn more about 10294 Titanic, including what it’s packing inside, or head here to view a complete gallery of images. You’ll be able to pre-order it from November 1 for £569.99 / $629.99 / €629.99, ahead of a full launch on November 8.

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  • 17/03/2022 at 20:50

    Qual o peso do Titanic montado?

  • 06/02/2022 at 19:26

    Cual es el peso del titanic 10294. Gracias


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