How does LEGO Hidden Side combine the physical and the digital realms?

To bring ghosts, ghouls and spooks to LEGO Hidden Side, the designers merged digital and physical worlds

LEGO Hidden Side is pushing a new way for fans to interact with sets – once the model is built, a bespoke app can bring the set to virtual life. The screen on a smart device will show more than the set, as an entire world comes to life around it. Like the characters in the theme, the player is tasked with zapping the ghosts that are causing the spooky goings-on in the relevant Newbury location.

For some years now, the LEGO Group has alluded to this new concept, believing that children do not differentiate between physical play and digital play. This innovation marks a big step in moving from talking about this notion to executing it, with LEGO Senior Product Lead Murray Andrews responsible for developing Hidden Side with a team of model designers and digital experts. It has taken new thinking to develop a theme in this way, with the digital aspect embedded in the development process from the beginning.

In Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 10, Murray explains how the LEGO Group has brought this unique new theme to shelves, revealing the careful balancing act that keeps the sets engaging while providing a new aspect to the products. Context is provided by industry experts who have had their hands on many other titles in the mixed reality market and know what is unique about this product. To get a peek behind the curtain and learn more about what goes into devising LEGO themes and products, commit to a great value subscription that includes free copies of the magazine.


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