How LEGO DUPLO products are safety tested

When producing DUPLO toys for the youngest children, product safety is key, as this video from the LEGO Group demonstrates.

As part of the LEGO Group’s recognition of 50 years of LEGO DUPLO, the company has released a video all about the safety aspect of the products. With the range targeted at children as young as one and a half years old, meeting safety requirements is vital. According to the accompanying press release, all DUPLO sets “meet or exceed the most stringent toy safety regulations globally”. In this video, many of the tests that these LEGO sets for toddlers undergo are demonstrated.

Products are tested in both lab conditions and in the hands of children, to see how they withstand vigorous play. How do bricks behave when dropped from height? How much force can be applied without them breaking? Can they be bitten without breaking? Parts that are made from multiple pieces are test to ensure that they cannot be pried apart by children.

Quality is important too – the video highlights that bricks can only deviate in size by a hair’s width, age markings must be appropriate for the product and each box is weighed to ensure the contents are correct.

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