How to connect the new LEGO road plates to modular cities

A YouTuber is exploring the ways to connect the new LEGO road plate system into cities and other displays, and is offering a cost-effective solution.

Jangbricks is back with another LEGO solution video, this time tackling the new system of road plates and how to integrate them alongside modular buildings, the older LEGO road baseplates and more.

In the video, Jangbricks explores the different types of displays that might go into fan’s displays, from old to new, official and custom. The main solution for connecting baseplates to the new system without losing height comes from using a foam board, a relatively cheap solution as Jangbricks explains. This foam problem-fixer allows baseplates to stay the same height as the new road system, meaning modular buildings can be integrated alongside the new road system.

The video also explains on how to connect to the old baseplate system of roads to the new system, with a foam board and brick-built ramps used to ensure a smooth transition between the two systems. Jangbricks then moves on to explore just how well different sized vehicles can fit onto these roads. For example, the new 8-stud wide Speed Champions cars simply won’t fit on one of the new road plates. However, two of them together form wider lanes, where they fit with room to spare. Alternatively, LEGO fans can simply attach extra grey tiles on to go as wide as they would like.

For more LEGO solution videos, check out Jangbricks’ other videos including how to stop 10277 Crocodile Locomotive from derailing.

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