IKEA follows the LEGO Group with sustainability pledge

Following the announcement that the furniture chain will be collaborating with the LEGO Group, IKEA has committed to use only renewable and recyclable materials by 2030.

In the past few days, the global retailer IKEA and the LEGO Group announced that the two companies would be collaborating on an unspecified project, that may be licensed LEGO furniture. Now, IKEA has announced that the furniture giant intends to only produce products using renewable and recyclable materials by 2030 – the same date by which the LEGO Group is committed to using only sustainable materials. At the moment, 70% of the IKEA range is based on renewable and recyclable materials.

While IKEA does not mention the LEGO Group in the announcement, it seems likely that the two brands saw an alignment in terms of communicating a positive environmental message. IKEA sees extending the lifespan of products and phasing out non-recycled plastic as key contributors to becoming a more sustainable company. The LEGO Group’s plans involve finding a suitable alternative to ABS, with the first sustainable elements launching this year.


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