Illuminate your LEGO collection with Light My Bricks this Black Friday

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive discounts available to Brick Fanatics readers with Light My Bricks this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you want your LEGO collection to truly stand out, there are few better things than getting a custom set of lights to add some sparkle to your favourite sets. Light My Bricks is an Australian LEGO lighting company offering bespoke LED kits, along with DIY lighting sets to add a personalised stamp to your collection.

Perfect for those who don’t have the type of engineering degree often needed with other LEGO lighting solutions, Light My Bricks kits are simple to install and include easy-to-follow instructions. They’re also low profile, so you don’t get lots of unsightly wires and cables spoiling the clean lines of your LEGO sets. 

Despite their simplicity and easy installation, Light My Bricks kits are sure to make your LEGO collection shine. Whether you’re recreating the atmosphere of a night match at 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona or illuminating LEGO Star Wars sets such as 75192 Millennium Falcon, you can also use custom kits on brand new sets like 21330 Home Alone and 75313 AT-AT.

Whichever set you’re interested in lighting up, this company from the land down under has been born out of a love for LEGO. Realistic effects and thoughtful designs are based on the passion that underlines Light My Bricks, which you can tap into for your own collection. 

Brick Fanatics is the place to be for all your LEGO Black Friday needs, and not least because of our partnership with Light My Bricks. We’ve organised an exclusive discount for our readers over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which will be available on top of any other promotions available on the website.

You can use the next couple of weeks to make your selections on the Light My Bricks site, and even add them to your shopping cart in preparation for the big day. Then, when the sales go live, simply refresh your basket and apply your discount to make a great saving all round. 

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And don’t forget to keep a close eye on our dedicated VIP Weekend, Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages to stay afloat of all the top LEGO offers at this exciting time of year.

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