Inside Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 – LEGO Overwatch, How To, Brexit and Classic Space

Issue 3 of Brick Fanatics Magazine includes a discussion with the LEGO Group about their collaboration with Overwatch, and a brand new How To section

Monthly LEGO magazine Brick Fanatics Magazine is dedicated to building your world of LEGO. Each edition of the magazine – available in single issues, 12-issue subscription offers and 24-issue subscription offers – is packed with brick-based ideas, insight and inspiration. It is put together for LEGO fans by LEGO fans. Issue 3 was announced recently, with LEGO Overwatch’s D.Va adorning its cover. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of your copy, or still on the fence about picking one up? Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s inside…

The third issue of this brand new print magazine all about LEGO leads with a fascinating interview with two of the team from the LEGO Group who have worked on bringing the colourful and diverse world of Overwatch to brick life. With over two dozen characters and plenty of sprawling, iconic maps to choose to adapt from developer Blizzard’s video game, Lead Sten Funder Lysdahl and Designer Woon Tze Chee reveal the decisions taken and work that went into creating this unique range of sets.

The duo also offer insight into the design of 75974 Bastion for a fascinating set walkthrough as part of Issue 3’s Review+ section. Also inside this month’s Review+, where we explore the most interesting and relevant LEGO sets in new ways, is a look at 75956 Quidditch Match, and more specifically how adaptable it is as a set for those looking to purchase more than one copy. How possible is it to build the ultimate Quidditch pitch?

Once more across 80 pages at A5 size, we have packed Brick Fanatics Magazine with compelling brick-based content, and this month have still managed to find space for a brand new How To section. A simple name introduces 16 pages full of tips, tricks and techniques for LEGO fans from all walks of life.

If you are into building then there are new creations inside this section, regardless of your build experience, whilst we also spotlight useful techniques, interesting work otherwise missed in official LEGO sets and of course, the most essential pieces you need to know how to use. If you have the collecting bug then How To has the right guidance for you (including a guest appearance by our friend at Brickset, Huw Millington), whilst if you are looking to photograph your LEGO on a budget, then we have the start of a great smartphone photography guide. We are excited to bring this collection of informative, insightful features to you and are confident you will enjoy it each month, starting in Issue 3.

On Topic, where we take a deeper dive into the latest LEGO goings-on, is where this month you will find a Q&A with two talented fan designers, Jake Sadovich and Boone Langston, who are taking part in BrickLink’s collaboration with the LEGO Group, the AFOL Designer Program. We also consider the impact that a no deal Brexit could have for British fans of the brick.

Meanwhile, in Retro, Brick Fanatics Magazine creates a new Classic Space build especially for Benny’s newest fellow spaceman, Lenny, whilst we also take a look through the LEGO archives to consider how one thing can be – and has been – built in any number of different ways.

We’ve spoken enough about what’s inside Issue 3 of Brick Fanatics Magazine. Those of you who have ordered a copy will be receiving it in the coming days, whilst those of you who haven’t can pick up a copy here, or take advantage of the excellent value a 12-issue or 24-issue subscription offers. Single copies of Issue 1 and 2 are also still available whilst stocks last.

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 cover


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