Inside the factory as the LEGO Group goes green

To find out more about the LEGO Group’s sustainability goals, one of the US news networks has travelled to the company’s home.

CBS Sunday Morning has travelled to Billund, Denmark to find out more about how the LEGO Group is planning to meet the 2030 sustainability target. In the next 12 years, the company intends to replace all currently used plastics with sustainable materials.

After taking a look around the LEGO House and seeing inside the factory producing the bricks, the US news network speaks to Tim Brooks, Vice President for Environmental Responsibility, who explains the challenges his team faces. “These properties are all quite hard to replicate in a new material,” he says. “The challenge is the quality and the safety.”

Søren Kristiansen, Senior Director of Technology, shows how the LEGO Group test the new bricks, demonstrating some of the new plant based plastics that are not yet living up to the standards required. He does reveal that one material is strong enough, but there “other things we have to solve” before it gets the green light to replace ABS.
As Brick Fanatics readers already know, sugarcane pieces have been introduced with the botanical elements, which are included in LEGO Creator Expert 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine.

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