Inside the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Wizard’s room

The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel promises a luxury experience – so just how immersive are the hotel’s Wizard themed rooms?

Each room in the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel provides ample space for a family of four, and can if necessary accommodate a family of five. A children’s area is equipped with bunk beds, the main bedroom features a king size bed, with coffee making facilities and an iron/iron board included. So far, so suitable for a family stay – but this is of course, not what makes the Castle Hotel special or justifies its price.

When stepping into the Wizard Room at the Castle Hotel, the theming is immediately striking – from floor to ceiling, this is indisputably a LEGO room. The wizards are a messy bunch, and the carpet is printed with LEGO elements such as spilt potions, crystals and goblets. The walls are fully decorated throughout, with magical minifigures using various spells. There are also little puzzles and quests on the walls – for example, ‘can you find the magic green flame?’, will send guests hunting the room for this detail. Such things make the usually mundane activity of staying in a room that but more intriguing.


Appropriately, the children have it best – their fully themed area includes a TV, with X-BOX controllers so that they can have a blast on LEGO Worlds. Plentiful grey LEGO bricks are also provided, along with baseplates on a counter and wall, so that guests can get hands-on with some building. It’s an important touch in such an immersive LEGO environment.

Along similar lines, brick-built models add decoration to the room – a magic book with a mouse leaning against it, a trio of owls in the corner of the room and a satisfied looking cat all add to the LEGOLAND feeling – it’s one thing to see these models in a theme park, it’s another to have them in the room you’ll be staying in.


The theming continues right into the bathroom, with more LEGO decoration on the wall. If a wizard found a bathtub, what would he do? Clearly start using it to brew potions, which is exactly what the imagery depicts. There’s an oversized LEGO book element on the wall in the bathroom, although only the nerdiest LEGO fan would recognise it, a more obvious nod to the brick is the studded soap bar.

The magical highlight of the Wizard’s room is the wall behind the master bed – which feature themed bedsheets, naturally – which is full of oversized LEGO jars containing potions for brewing spells. Flick one of the many light switches, and some of the jars will begin to light up and change colour, as will some of the decoration on the wall. The children may get the LEGO bricks, but the parents get the magic.


A storybook, included in the Castle Hotel rooms exclusively, tells a story of a young boy who is whisked on an adventure when he walks through a mystical door. It includes a child at LEGOLAND, LEGO bricks, a dragon and a wizard – and what’s best is that its author is ten year old competition winner Joseph Parkes.

The final touch that will delight young guests, or those old enough to know better but don’t, is a quest to go on around the room. A sheet of questions is provided, which has wannabe wizards counting LEGO bats and looking for LEGO diamonds around the room, before filling in the relevant numbers. By popping the acquired code into the room’s rustic chest, the door opens and a bag of LEGO goodies is found within.

The selling point that the room has is that it extends the LEGO novelty of the theme park right into the room in which guests are staying, which may not be to everyone’s taste. The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel’s Wizard’s room would be perfectly suitable for a family stay, or for LEGO enthused adults who enjoy a spot of escapism.



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