Instagram user claims he’s received death threats over LEGO Marvel rumour

An Instagram user has reportedly received death threats from LEGO fans over an inaccurate rumour regarding the alleged Marvel Infinity Saga sets.

In a video published earlier today, michael_bricks_f0rever apologised for informing his 3,600 followers that the summer LEGO Marvel sets would be unveiled on May 11 – a report that seemingly originated with lego_club_news and subsequently circulated around Instagram.

That rumour has now turned out to be false, with the latest updates suggesting the Infinity Saga sets – which will apparently revisit early movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – will actually be revealed next week, potentially on May 19.

michael_bricks_f0rever has since published a 21-minute video on Instagram apologising for the part he played in spreading that original rumour – and says the backlash he’s faced over it has even involved death threats from LEGO fans.

“At the end of the day, this is the internet – if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen,” the Instagram user said. “But when you start sending death threats over stupid s*** like this – because it is stupid s***, it’s really stupid, it’s plastic toys – it’s kind of a lot.”

He says he’s now planning to take a break from posting LEGO rumours on Instagram after the reveals of the alleged Infinity Saga and Daily Bugle sets – if and when those do eventually materialise.

“I do feel bad, I do feel guilty,” he continued. “I can’t just move on with my life and be okay when I know you guys are disappointed by something that I said. It should have happened today but it didn’t happen.”

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Chris Wharfe

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