Introducing the Brick Fanatics LEGO Review Directory

Brick Fanatics has reviewed hundreds of LEGO sets and now it is easier than ever to find them

Should that 700-piece set have been 1,000 pieces instead? Is this new AT-ST the most accurate rendition of the Star Wars walker yet? Does this all-new theme need a place in my collection?

With more LEGO sets being released than ever before, collectors need to be all the more discerning when buying them. Now, Brick Fanatics is making it easier than ever to browse past product reviews to find authoritative, independent reviews from the experts, with our new Review Directory.

Including some of the price-busting sets such as 70620 NINJAGO City and 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!, as well as more reasonably sized models like 60227 Lunar Space Station and 75229 Death Star Escape, the new Brick Fanatics Review Directory makes finding the verdict on sets easy.

With the option to sort by theme, piece count and price, there is the opportunity to really compare LEGO sets before making those carefully considered purchases. Equally, the Review Directory can be used to justify impulse purchases made in a moment of brick weakness.

To continue to support the work of Brick Fanatics, please buy your LEGO sets from and Amazon using our affiliate links.


Graham was the Editor up until November 2020. He has plenty of experience working on LEGO related projects. He has contributed to various websites and publications on topics including niche hobbies, the toy industry and education. Follw Graham on Twitter @grahamh100.

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