Is the LEGO Group hinting at upcoming The Matrix movie sets?

Could the LEGO Group be subtly hinting that we might be seeing upcoming sets based on The Matrix series of movies?

There are clearly some big fans of Neo and crew within the LEGO Group, as evidenced by a post today on its official Instagram account. An image appeared of two mysterious hands, each holding a LEGO brick. Below the image was the text. “You pick the blue brick — play time ends. You pick the red brick and I show you how deep the pile of pieces goes.” This is then followed by the hashtag, RedOrBlue.

The quote refers to a similar line that Morpheus speaks to Neo in the original The Matrix film but has obviously been given a little LEGO tweaking here. The Instagram post triggered a number of excited responses from fans, primarily those asking if this was a hint that LEGO The Matrix sets might be appearing at some point in the future.

While it’s unlikely that the LEGO Group will be creating products based on more adult films such as The Matrix series, we’re going to be keeping an open mind and follow the white rabbit to see where it may lead. A far more likely (and plausible) explanation is that the LEGO Group has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek and its merely spoofing the upcoming release this Wednesday of the latest film in the franchise, The Matrix Resurrections.

While we technically did get to see multiple Agent Smiths in The LEGO Batman Movie (another Warner Bros. film), no actual minifigure of the character was ever available in any of the tie-in sets.

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One thought on “Is the LEGO Group hinting at upcoming The Matrix movie sets?

  • 22/12/2021 at 12:34

    This would be fantastic. If they get into more adult-themed film/TV sets, I think the obvious choice is Game of Thrones. The cities/houses/scenes/dragons would be epic builds.


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