Is Marvel’s Carnage suitable for LEGO?

LEGO Marvel 76199 Carnage is the newest model in the helmet collection, but is this superhero foe a little too villainous for the LEGO treatment? 

76199 Carnage will release soon for Marvel fanatics worldwide, and even sooner for those in the US, and although this helmet is arguably more of a bust, we can’t help but wonder if Carnage is really all that suitable for LEGO

Now before we go any further, it should be remembered that Carnage existed in LEGO form far before this set with minifigures ranging from all the way back in 2015 with 76036 Carnage’s SHIELD Sky Attack to the current day in 76173 Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage.  

76036 carnage shield sky attack

However, with that in mind and the LEGO Group’s appeal to fans young and old, the question remains – is Carnage too evil of a supervillain for LEGO sets? 

For those of you unfamiliar with Carnage, the character is a Marvel villain usually depicted as one of Spider-Man’s many foes. The character is a symbiote alien of the same race as Venom but has taken human hosts too, most recognisably in the form of Cletus Kassady, a character who will also be appearing in the upcoming Venom: Let There be Carnage. 

Since they first appeared in 1992, Carnage has been one of the more violent villains in Marvel’s history with quite a few examples to discuss. 

One of the most common things that the villain has done throughout their history in comics and other media is spread a symbiote infection. Carnage, U.S.A released in 2012 and one arc of the story focused around the symbiote overtaking a small town, including setting a Carnage-fused infant onto their family. 

76173 Spider Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage 3

Carnage: Mind Bomb is another line of comics that features multiple disturbing moments, but specifically for this we’ll talk about the time Cletus Kassady went to the doctor. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly a standard check-up as the character revealed his deep and personal thoughts, which mostly consisted of performing gruesome acts on other people. 

While the list could go on, it’s safe to say that Carnage is consistently depicted as one of the more intense Spider-Man villains. Even when compared to their black-symbiote-counterpart, Venom’s not quite as terrifying in their actions as Carnage has been. 

So it seems that Carnage’s comic history would certainly clash with the LEGO Group’s own values, bringing up the question once more. Is Marvel’s Carnage suitable for LEGO? We’ll leave it to you to decide based on the evidence.

Either way, it probably won’t stop minifigure or set depictions of the character anytime soon, with the upcoming Venom sequel out on June 25 giving Carnage the spotlight. Not to mention the upcoming 76199 Carnage which is releasing April 11 for those in the US and May 1 for the rest of the world.

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