Is Sonic coming to LEGO Dimensions?

Following on from last week’s Supergirl reveal, the latest rumour is that Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to the next phase of LEGO Dimensions. This comes from CM4Sci on Eurobricks who is usually spot on the money with his insider knowledge. This strengthens the knowledge that the phase 2 (series 2) bases will be yellow so as to differentiate between the first series.

The other rumour is that set number 71252 will be from Knight Rider! According to USA site The Brick Fan we could see the following arrive for phase 2; Sonic the Hedgehog, Knight Rider, Jillian Holtzmann from the Ghostbusters reboot, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Teen Titans GO!

I suspect that we will know more at next month’s E3 show.


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  1. I really hope Sonic is coming to LEGO form how cool would that be (if done right!)

    Adventure time if true i guess will be unbelievably massive!!!!!! Surely will have to be a level pack with both main characters?

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