It looks like BIONICLE has won the LEGO Ideas 90th anniversary fan vote


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Ideas 90th anniversary fan vote wrapped up on Monday morning, and while we’re still waiting on the official results, it looks like BIONICLE has taken the crown.

StoneWars has updated its mid-vote tally to reflect the total sum of 58,624 users who voted in the poll, which will see one classic theme resurrected for a brand new set in 2022. And by that site’s calculation, the top three themes are still BIONICLE, Classic Space and Pirates.

If those numbers are accurate, it means those are the three lines we’ll be able to vote on in the second poll, which will go live on February 3. The purpose of that one will simply be to determine which theme fans love most, however, with the

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Group making the final decision on which of the three to bring back next year.

According to StoneWars’ crunching of the data, BIONICLE has racked up 18,743 votes, representing a 12.3% share of all votes cast, with those nominations coming from 32% of all users who took part. Classic Space lags some way behind in second place, with 13,558 votes in total, while Pirates sits in third on 11,461 votes.

LEGO Ideas 90th Anniversary

As was the case at the end of last week, it’s third place that was most heavily contested, with Trains narrowly missing out on 11,118 votes, and Adventurers just behind on 11,031 votes. Classic Castle sits in sixth, on 9,289 votes – but if you combine all the votes for Castle’s various subthemes, which were fragmented across the 30-strong list, it actually comes out on top at 24,949 votes.

In that scenario, Space would be in second place with 24,563 votes, while BIONICLE’s 18,743 nominations would keep it in the running in third place. This is all hypothetical, though, because the LEGO Ideas team’s actual list did indeed split Castle and Space’s subthemes up into various categories, and there’s no way to know whether combining them into single categories would have affected users’ voting behaviour.

As it stands, then, it looks like we’ll all be choosing from either BIONICLE, Classic Space or Pirates in the second LEGO Ideas 90th anniversary fan vote, while the LEGO Group separately decides which of those themes to produce a new LEGO set from in 2022. We’ll bring you the official results from the LEGO Ideas team as soon as we get them.

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