Jell-O Play channels LEGO bricks

A new edible building system is unlikely to challenge the LEGO Group’s supremacy, but may make dessert more fun.

Kraft-Heinz are launching a new Jell-O – or for our British readers, jelly – product named Jell-O Play. The packs contain brick shaped moulds and Jell-O mix sachets. The Jell-O mix has a slightly altered recipe that makes the resulting edible bricks sturdy enough to build with.

The internet is salivating at the prospect of ignoring the parental mantra “don’t play with your food”, and building with the classic childhood dessert. With the moulds containing regular bricks and slopes, it is possible to build a LEGO style house – as this video shows.

“We want to inspire parents and kids to set their imagination free with a line of gelatin toys celebrating free play and fun,” said Katy Marshall, Marketing and Sales Lead of Springboard. “JELL-O Play is a toy you can eat. There are no rules to what you can make when you let your creativity out of your head, onto your plate, and into your mouth.”


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