Jennifer Garner welcome Jennifer Aniston to Insta with LEGO brick film

After Jennifer Aniston broke Instagram with her Friends cast reunion selfie, Jennifer Garner has made a brick film to welcome her fellow actor.

Movie star Jennifer Garner has been having fun with LEGO Ideas Friends 21319 Central Perk, showing fellow adults exactly how LEGO sets should be played with. She recreates, with some artistic interpretation, the Friends episode “The One With The Embryos” in which Joey and Chandler win Monica and Rachel’s apartment in a bet.

She made the video to welcome Jennifer Aniston to Instagram – the actor, who played Rachel in the series, caused the social media platform to crash when she achieved millions of followers in a single day.

Brick Fanatics reviews LEGO Ideas Friends 21319 Central Perk.

Garner knows that the scene takes place in the flat, so tagged the video with #theonewherecentralperkplayedtheapartment. Jennifer Aniston made the video her first ever Instagram story, only boosting her popularity on the platform.

LEGO Ideas Friends 21319 Central Perk was released a few months ago. The set has also caught the attention of other cast memebers, with Matthew Perry, who played Chandler on the show, and James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther, both commenting on the set.

Brick Fanatics presents a LEGO Ideas Friends 21319 Central Perk photoshoot image gallery.

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