Jesse Pinkman Custom Minifigure review

Next off the production line is a custom minifigure based on the Breaking Bad minifigure Jesse Pinkman. Now I will confess, I’ve not watched the show and have no intention of watching it as it’s just not my cup of tea. However I’ve seen enough on social media and the net to know who the character is and the actor who plays him, and once again have pulled out all the stops to make sure their LEGO version is an awesome likeness.

Official Description

School drop-out turned businessman (?) Jesse is the right-hand man to Walter White. Together they ‘cook up’ a concoction of mischief and trouble; pitting themselves against gangsters and the law. Whilst he’s not the kind of neighbour your other Minifigures would want in the toy box, he is an awesome character and a great addition to your collection.



Those familiar with products will know that their minifigures come in a blister pack with a custom insert and Jesse is no different. The insert has the graphic render of the character, custom colour scheme and the product blurb on the back.


The minifigure is priced at £12.95 – not bad if you are a fan of the series. With the pending Creator Camper Van (that would make for an excellent Breaking Bad scene), this minifigure would be ace alongside it. He comes with a blue ski hat as well as a jacket that has printing on front, back and arms. His facial expression is an excellent LEGO version of Jesse. The printing from his torso continues on to his legs both on the front and back. With more printing added to his feet as always it’s the little detail that makes their minifigures stand out. He comes with a 1×2 printed tile that has the crystal meth printed on for an added touch.


This is a great minifigure but, again, I feel has limited appeal to either collectors or fans of the show. For any other LEGO fan £13 could be spent on something else, but that is not a negative as they are providing fans with minifigures we would never otherwise see from LEGO due to the subject matter. So while it might not appeal to everyone I hope they continue to bring more cool minifigures out.


If you are a fan of the show this minifigure is on sale priced at £12.95 and can be bought via their site. If you want to expand your Breaking Bad collection then also check out their Walter Whitebrick minifigure.





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