John Lewis offers 20% discount on LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel

With a new LEGO Marvel modular set on the way, you can get a head start on your LEGO street with 20% off 10297 Boutique Hotel at John Lewis.

The LEGO Modular Buildings Collection has a few compatible builds that aren’t part of the main collection. From August 1, this will include two LEGO Marvel buildings as 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum launches. Those wanting to create a superhero-filled street might be looking toward recent releases in the Modular Buildings Collection to see what else is on offer.

The newest entry in the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection is 10297 Boutique Hotel, which also includes plenty of references for the 15th anniversary of the range. Usually, this multi-storey model would set you back £174.99, but thanks to John Lewis, you can grab it for £139.99.

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Discounts on the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection are uncommon, especially on a set as recent as 10297 Boutique Hotel. The build has been on offer for this same price before ar John Lewis, though that was before 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum was announced, which may make the hotel more tempting.

With seven minifigures and 3,066 bricks, 10297 Boutique Hotel spans three fully-furnished floors with a reception, rooms and a terrace next door. Also included is an art gallery exploring several art styles in sculptures and paintings.

The green roof should also fit well with the colour scheme of 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum. With that in mind and the 20% discount currently available via John Lewis, you can get 10297 Boutique Hotel at the retailer now for £139.99.

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