Jubilee Seaways is the largest ever LEGO ship

DFDS partnered with the Lauritzen Foundation to construct a record-breaking LEGO ship. DFDS employees around the world added bricks to individual sections, which were combined to complete the vessel, which was unveiled today.

The brick built behemoth was christened ‘Jubilee Seaways’ as the record was verified today, with the ship measuring 12.035 metres long and 1.67 metres wide. The champagne bottle used was also made from LEGO bricks.

CPH Post report:

DFDS managing director Niels Smedegaard said the ship – constructed as part of the company’s 150th anniversary celebration – was a symbol of the many facets of the work of DFDS.


“We are shipbuilders. But this is perhaps the first time we have built the whole ship ourselves rather than had work done by other partners,” he said. “After 500 hundred ships of steel, this is our first built out of Lego.”




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