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I’m playing catch up with the amount of custom minifigures I need to review. As well as this one I have a further 3 from to review and 2 from United Bricks. I’m working my way through and aim to do one a week till I’m caught up. To start off the first one is based of Kane from the first Alien film and the gory but iconic chest buster scene. Again are focusing on characters that LEGO would not touch due to the subject matter.

Official Description

When you think of the film Alien, aside from the Aliens, you think of the ‘Chest burst’ scene, now one of the most iconic scenes from cinema. Naturally we had to create a Minifigure to pay homage to the film and we’ve spared no details. He’s ‘bursting’ with awesomeness and includes a double sided head and torso design.


I won’t beat around the bush, if you are a fan of the Alien franchise this minifigure is a must have. I’ve seen the movies and is a reason even today I won’t watch horror movies or anything thats designed to scare the crap out of you. Personally I don’t know why anyone with any sense would pay to be scared? But that’s besides the point and let’s look at the minifigure.

The team have built up a strong reputation of quality printing and this minifigure again has a high standard, he is double sided with double face and double torso one with the chest buster pushing on the rib cage and the other he has burst through and is popping out, they manage to give it the right amount of gore to appeal to fans of the film. The printing on the chest and face makes it hard to differ from an official LEGO product.

The legs and hair piece are just standard LEGO elements but again collectors of products will be happy with the quality and the blister pack. Fans of the films will be happy with a unique item in their collection and at £12.95 it’s reasonable for a custom printed minifigure. You can order yours today from them by clicking here. However for me it’s not a minifigure that appeals to me as don’t like the subject matter but my friend loves it, so it’s found a welcoming home with him. 🙂

Disclaimer: All our reviews are our own personal views, thanks to the for providing us with this minifigure to review.


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  1. Joehelldeloxley

    I bought this minifig and I like it.
    I’m not especially fan of the ALien Franchise but I like the idea.
    Some part are effectively basic Lego elements but still, I like it.

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