Kirk Kristiansen family’s new headquarters is architectural marvel

The headquarters for Kirk Kapital, the holding company representing the LEGO Group’s owners, has had its headquarters highlighted for its unique architecture.

World famous artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Sebastian Behmann have collaborated to design the headquarters for Kirk Kapital, the holding company of the Kirk Kristiansen family, the owners of the LEGO Group. Located in Jutland, Denmark, the building is the first to be designed by Eliasson’s new Berlin studio. “This looks like a living building, it feels like it’s growing in the water,” he told the Guardian.

Following the careful decision of choosing an architect for the LEGO House, it seems that the Kirk Kristiansens continue to seek out the very best designers. The Fjordenhus is 28 metres high, combinging four interlinking cylinders with spaces carved out of them. Twists and curves are created throughout, with arched windows using double-curved glass.

Fjordenhu 2

“We were able to turn years of experiments in physical movement, light, nature, perception and the experience of space into a building that is a Gesamtkunstwerk [a total work of art] as well as a fully functioning architectural structure,” he continued.

Although Eliasson has been involved in buildings before, this is the deepest collaboration he has had with the architecture. In the interview feature, he goes on to explain how this has been one of the key works in his artistic career so far.

The Kristiansen family intends for the ground level space to be publicly accessible, so those with an interest in architecture will be able to go and take a look for themselves.


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