Laid off LEGO fan opens independent LEGO shop

A LEGO fan has achieved his dream of opening an independent LEGO shop after being laid off from his job.

The global pandemic is having a huge impact on the economy as businesses struggle to recover after closing to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Alex deMeurers was laid off from his job in June, and decided to take the opportunity to fulfil his brick dream. The LEGO fan has taken the plunge and opened up an independent LEGO store in Salem, near Portland, Oregon, USA.

“As it turned out, being laid off might have been a good thing. “This is a childhood dream come true,” deMeurers told Keizertimes. “I’m really excited.”

He has been a LEGO fan since childhood. “I spent most of my time as a kid putting LEGOs together. It became an obsession that never went away. I used to play so long and so hard my fingers would bleed. I know what it is to be a LEGO enthusiast.”

The shop opened on September 25 and is named Brick in the Wall, with deMeurers intending for it to be a place to do more than just shop, but spend time and meet other fans. There will be the opportunity to play vintage LEGO video games and choose from a wide selection of retired sets.

At present, there are restrictions in place at the store to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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