Largest ever LEGO brick ring sundial built in Beijing

Another LEGO related Guinness World Record has been set, with a model in China awarded the title of largest LEGO brick ring sundial (supported).

The breadth of Guinness World Records based around LEGO bricks means that everyone reading this should probably hold one by now, but the trend shows no sign of slowing down. In the arts district of Beijing, China, the largest ever LEGO brick ring sundial has been built using 45,000 DUPLO bricks.

This unique sundial has a diameter of 2.91m and is 0.8m thick, and has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest LEGO brick ring sundial (supported).

Playable Design planned and constructed the model, which can actually be used to tell the time like a traditional sundial. The company works on educational LEGO programmes when not building giant sundials.

“This is a teaching tool that allows children to learn sciences across disciplines including astronomy, mathematics, history and cosmology. Inspire children to think and ask questions, when they see the ring sundial, but we are all very excited to be recognized by Guinness World Records at the same time,” Mrs Hou, the Founder of Playable Design, told Guinness World Records.

Astronomy professionals and mechanical engineers were involced in the three month design process.

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