Latest LEGO Ideas Results Are In

The results of the first 2015 LEGO Ideas Review are in and unfortunately not a single project has made it through to becoming an official set. As always LEGO never give full details as to why certain projects haven’t made the cut but if you look at the 13 which reached 10,000 votes many our far too large for an Ideas set or clash with current themes. Despite none of the projects getting any further the Ideas team have said the F7A Hornet from the Star Citizen game is still being considered, although despite its passionate fanbase may not appeal to mainstream LEGO fans so could see it appear as LEGO Dimensions content.

You can read the full announcement and watch the video below.

Today we share the outcome of the First 2015 LEGO Review, for LEGO Ideas projects that reached 10,000 supporters between January and May this year. Usually we happily announce project(s) will become the next LEGO Ideas product(s), but unfortunately this time we’re not able to do so. For a number of reasons, none of the projects that qualified during this period were selected in the LEGO Review; this has never happened before and we’re very disappointed to pass on this news, especially because we know the huge amount of effort each member put into creating the models and campaigning for their projects.


Why did these projects not pass the LEGO Review?

While we don’t share specific reasons why an individual project did not pass, there are a number of reasons why projects don’t make it through the review process. For example:

  • Perhaps we can’t come to an agreement with the companies who own the Intellectual Property rights to the models or characters involved, or it is possible companies are just not interested in having a LEGO version of their product.
  • Other projects sometimes come too close to a number of the products that the LEGO Group already has today or has plans for the near future.
  • Some projects can challenge the rules we have on safe and good building experience for all LEGO builders. We can also have difficulties simply producing some of the larger projects with the production capacity we have for LEGO Ideas.

It is never easy to reject any project, and we are very disappointed that we couldn’t announce the next LEGO Ideas product here today.

F7A Hornet – Star Citizen

We are continuing to look at the Star Citizen project, but unfortunately the others will not be taken further.


2015 in Summary

On a more positive note, 2015 has been one of the strongest years for LEGO Ideas. This year alone we’ve seen the launch of Birds, The Big Bang Theory, WALL:E and now Doctor Who. Next year the amazing LEGO Maze will be launched through LEGO Ideas, and we’re looking at the great projects in the Second 2015 LEGO Review.

Looking Ahead

The Second 2015 LEGO Review features some strong projects and this review period is already well underway. We hope next time we can give you all the happier news of the next LEGO Ideas set!




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2 thoughts on “Latest LEGO Ideas Results Are In

  • TheHappyJawa
    30/10/2015 at 17:58

    Well it sucks but makes sense. A lot of them are IP’s and some are obviously way to big (why LEGO accept them at the earlier stages I have no idea) but the basic sets like ‘Big Yellow’ and ‘Science Adventures’ seem to be simple enough.
    I can only think ‘Science Adventures’ is already planned or just to similar to the previous and the loose bricks in ‘Big Yellow’ don’t fit the LEGO criteria?

  • Avatar
    30/10/2015 at 19:07

    Actually 100% agree nothing on their goes POW. I’m gald those incharge of Terry Pratchetts estate are staying true to his wishes and not cashing in on the Discworld name. LEGO just now need to put a stop to any more fricking ZELDA projects,!

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