Latest summer 2016 LEGO rumours round 2

Following on from yesterday’s post regarding potential Star Wars and Super Hero sets, we have more set news coming out. Firstly, the hottest rumour is that the next LEGO exclusive will be revealed soon and be released next month. The set in question is 76052 Classic TV Series Batcave – complete with classic Batmobile, Batman, Alfred, Catwoman, and Robin. There will be an exclusive polybag as well containing Mr Freeze. I just hope the Batmobile is modular scale as that would be perfect for my personal city. I, for one, cannot wait 🙂

The reason why this rumour is so hot is because the US Feb shop newsletter has the new exclusive on early access for VIP members. (See image above).

But wait that is not all……………

We have more set news from sources including Just2Good, Eurobricks and NeoGAF, including Creator, City – with a new Volcano sub-theme, Friends – with an amusement park sub-theme, Nexo Knights and Ninjago. There are just set numbers and names at the moment but plenty to take in! The Volcano sub-theme in particular sounds very interesting!


  • 60120 Volcano Starter Set
  • 60121Volcano Research Truck
  • 60122 Volcano Crawler Vehicle
  • 60123Volcano Supply Helicopter
  • 60124Volcano Research Base
  • 60132 Gas Station
  • 60134 Fun at the Park


  • 31049 Dual-Rotor Helicopter
  • 31051Cape Lighthouse
  • 31051 Holiday Destinations

Disney Princess

  • 41067 Belle’s Enchanted Castle


  • 10726 Juniors Stephanie’s Car
  • 10727 Emma’s Ice Cream Truck
  • 10728 Mia’s Clinic
  • 41123 Colt Laundry
  • 41124 Vet Puppy Daycare
  • 41125 Vet Horse Trailer
  • 41126 Heartlake Horse Riding Club
  • 41127 Amusement Park Arcade
  • 41128 Amusement Park Space Ride
  • 41129 Amusement Park Hot Dog Stand
  • 41130 Amusement Park Rollercoaster

Nexo Knights

  • 70318 The Globlin Thrower
  • 70319 Macy’s Thunder Club
  • 7032Aaron’s Aero-Hunter
  • 70321 General Magmar’s Siege Machine
  • 70322 Axl’s Mobile Tower
  • 70323 Jestro’s Volcano Base
  • 70336 Ultimate Axl
  • 70337 Ultimate Lance
  • 70338 Ultimate General Magmar
  • 70339 Ultimate Flama


  • 70588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler
  • 70589 Cole’s Earth Roader
  • 70590 Airjitzu Temple Grounds
  • 70591 Kryptarium Escape
  • 70592 Ronin Mech
  • 70593 Lloyd’s Green NRG Dragon
  • 70594 Watchtower Defense
  • 70595 Sonic Raider 2.0
  • 70596 Samurai X Cave

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3 thoughts on “Latest summer 2016 LEGO rumours round 2

  • Avatar
    05/01/2016 at 12:20

    Volcano research sounds awesome. I’d love to see what they’re like. And classic batcave? Yep, it must be mine!!

  • Avatar
    05/01/2016 at 18:44

    Got to agree with Ferg – the Volcano theme sounds superb, look forward to that.
    Any yep, the Classic Batcave is a must, along with the other DC Super Heroes sets.

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