LDD 4.3.9 Update Released

What  a difference time makes, last time we spoke about LEGO Digital Designer it was to announce LEGO had ended their support, until the LEGO community had other ideas and now LEGO have released a big up date.

So here some info:

  • It’s a 276.33 MB update
  • the new Brick Version is 2075.
  • Superkalle on Eurobricks reports that there are (at least) 318 new bricks. Here’s a file with all the new bricks (credits to Superkalle).
  • Download here

I for one can not wait to get stuck in and see what new parts I can use in my designs 🙂



  1. Keith

    Does LDD actually help??

    Maybe I am just too old skool and use the inventory of parts to experiment and see how they come up through the build………but I make the assumption that this saves time??

    I have never used LDD before, so am completely new to this – traditionally I have just worked it out………

  2. DisasterMan

    That is AMAZING news. So pleased Lego responded positively.

    @Keith – different strokes, I guess. I don’t have a big collection, and don’t have the room to have one either, so I design in LDD, and order just the parts I need for my MOCs. I absolutely love it. It has limitations, sure, and the ordering process takes some getting used to to be efficient, but it beats either not being able to build, or having to get a bigger home!

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