LEGO 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 display case review

A premium LEGO set like 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1 requires a dust-proof, premium display case, like the one iDisplayit has just produced.

Brick Fanatics has partnered with iDisplayit and every so often will bring you reviews of some of their display cases and stands. With the recent release of 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1, what better time to take a look at the company’s bespoke display case?

As a LEGO fan there will come a point in your life when you need to decide what to do with that burgeoning collection of sets. Do you part them out, do you dismantle them, put them carefully back in the box and hope to rebuild them again one day or do you make space on a shelf and display them with pride?

If you choose the latter then iDisplayit have got some pretty professional looking display cases that can help elevate your shelf from a suspended piece of wood on a wall, to an epic exhibit of LEGO goodness. 

close up just display case

The company’s display cases consists of six 3mm clear plastic acrylic panels of varying sizes; four for the sides, one for the top and a sleek, reflective black (or white, depending on preference) base – removing the protective films from these is strangely satisfying!

The case comes flat packed so assembly is required but all of the components needed – 10 screws, 10 fixtures and a small alan key are included. There’s also some very clear and easy to follow instructions to help you through the assembly process. There are a few different display case companies on the market, but not all of them include instructions so this is a welcome addition. 

Assembling the case is very straightforward and, despite the relatively small thickness of the panels, they feel robust and well made. Screwing the panels together creates a very sturdy structure and once built the whole case feels solid and weighty. 

The black base has a reflective gloss finish, which looks both stylish and elegant and really adds a dimension of class to the case. Anyone with experience of displaying LEGO will know that anything black is an instant dust magnet so it is recommended to remove the plastic covering from the base only once the rest of the case has been built.

Once assembled the finished case for this particular model – 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1 – measures 520mm (l) x 260mm (w) x 240mm (h). The side panels lift off, allowing the ECTO-1 to be easily placed on the base. The model fits neatly inside leaving a nice amount of space on the sides for a variety of display options.

While there are a number of different display cases available, the iDisplayIt 10274 ECTO-1 case, with its securely fastened screwed side panels and the inclusion of concise instructions, presents itself at the higher end of the market. 

With that in mind, this case is one of the more pricier out there, but it’s a great option for collectors who are looking to display their models in a more grown up fashion, while at the same time protecting their precious sets from gathering dust.

wide on display in lego room V2

This display case was provided for review by iDisplayit. The 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1 display case retails for £50.40 – directly support the work that we do at Brick Fanatics by purchasing your iDisplayit cases or stands through this affiliate link.

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