Why 10305 Lion King’s Castle could be a solid investment for LEGO fans

The rumoured price point certainly seems steep at first glance, but we think that LEGO 10305 Lion King’s Castle could turn out to be a solid investment.

Until we all get a much better look at the reported remake of 6080 King’s Castle, it’s going to be difficult to determine whether the rumoured £349.99 RRP is a fair one. Initially, fans were left flabbergasted, but as more details emerge, the anticipated shelf price is beginning to look a lot more reasonable.

The first thing to point out is that this would be a special 90th anniversary edition set, as well as a remake of an all-time classic from one of the LEGO Group’s most popular themes.

Whether young or old, the Castle theme is one that resonates with most LEGO fans. It all started in 1978 with the infamous yellow bricks of LEGO 375 Castle and continues with the rumoured reboot of 6080 King’s Castle from 1984.

For many, the fact that 10305 Lion King’s Castle is slated to include a whopping 4,514 pieces will be more than enough to justify the price for some enthusiasts, but anyone who isn’t a diehard LEGO fan may struggle to see the value at first glance.

The sheer scale of 10305 Lion King’s Castle may have been teased during the 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine trailer, leading us to believe that it would be more than capable of existing as a standalone set. However, a lot of LEGO Castle enthusiasts will be looking to extend their current displays, and this set could certainly do just that.

The first few glimpses – if they are indeed of the 90th-anniversary set – indicate that 10305 Lion King’s Castle will adopt a traditional medieval style that’s in keeping with other all the other Castle sets released over the last 40 years, which should make it easy to integrate. This includes everything from the basic grey brickwork to the coat of arms designs that are featured on the flags, shields and minifigures of this rumoured set.

10305 Lion King’s Castle looks like it could feature plenty of minifigures too, which is great news for collectors – current rumours suggest that more than 20 will be included with a few animals thrown in the mix too. Weapons and accessories are always sought after, so the prospect of swords, shields, sceptres, capes and crowns is an exciting one as well.

All things considered, it’s looking like 10305 Lion King’s Castle could end up being worth its weight in bricks. Not only is this set rumoured to have an impressive piece count, but it’s also likely to feature a bucket load of minifgures, animals and accessories. What’s more, it would be a one-off anniversary set with potential to hold its value long into the future – at least once it retires.

10305 Lion King’s Castle is slated for release in August. We can’t wait to uncover its features but please remember that the LEGO Group is yet to confirm that this set even exists. Treat all of the information above as speculation until more details are revealed by the LEGO Group.

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