Second new LEGO 2023 theme rumoured to be a DreamWorks series

A second rumoured new LEGO theme coming in 2023 is now said to be based on a Netflix series produced by DreamWorks Animation.

Reportedly codenamed ‘Sparkles’, the theme is said to consist entirely of licensed 4+ sets, ranging in price from €14.99 to €106.99. And according to Polish LEGO fan site Fanklockow, it will be entirely based on the kids’ Netflix series Gabby’s Dollhouse, which blends together live action and animation – and has already racked up six seasons since debuting in January 2021.

The series sees 12-year-old Gabby don a magical cat headband, which allows her to shrink down to the size of her toys and go on adventures in her dollhouse. She’s accompanied by a cast of colourful cat characters, some of whom are half-mermaid, half-car or half-pillow. (Remember: it’s a kids’ show.) 

Gabbys Dollhouse 2
Image: Netflix

Fanklockow has listed product names for all four rumoured sets in the theme, which we’ve added to the previously-reported prices and piece counts in the table below. Note that these are translated from Polish, so may not be final set names.

LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse sets rumoured for 2023

Set namePricePiecesRelease date
10785 Cake Baking with Cakey€14.9958TBC
10786 Gabby and MerCat’s Ship and Spa€24.9988TBC
10787 Fairy Garden Party€34.99130TBC
10788 Gabby’s Dollhouse€106.99497TBC

The LEGO Group already has one 4+ licensed range on shelves in Spidey and His Amazing Friends, a subtheme that falls under the Marvel umbrella. None of its sets have quite reached the price tag of 10788 Gabby’s Dollhouse, however.

What’s potentially more interesting for adult fans is that Gabby’s Dollhouse is produced by DreamWorks Animation, suggesting the LEGO Group still has close ties with the company – which could yet bode well for one or both of the LEGO Shrek projects in the first LEGO Ideas 2023 review…

Remember that these are only rumours for the moment: all four of these sets could be related to something else entirely, if they even exist at all. We won’t know for sure until they’re officially revealed by the LEGO Group.

If they are true, though, this could potentially be the second new LEGO theme debuting in 2023, alongside the also-rumoured LEGO Dreamzzz.

Featured image: Netflix

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