LEGO 21303 WALL•E Issue Clarification

The new LEGO Ideas 21303 WALL•E? was due out on the 1dt of September globally but there has been a delay and various websites, forums as well as social media and Reddit have been discussing the issues surrounding it. This has caused a delay in it’s release in certain areas.

The issue surronds the neck, Brickset did a review on the set and noted that the WALL•E’s neck consists of four joints, three of which allow you to angle the head vertically while the other allows horizontal rotation. It is this rotational joint which is causing an issue. However that is not actually the reason for the delay. The delay is only in the North American version.

Here is the official reply from LEGO via CEE Kim Thomsen; “We’ve found that two pieces in the neck don’t have the right amount of clutch power. This is causing WALL·E’s head to fall down instead of staying where it should. The above issue is exclusive to the NA version – the one with piece count on the box. The issue is not related to the pin-beam connection. We are in the process of repacking the NA boxes with fully functional elements, hence the delay in delivery to the NA markets. If you experience the issue or have any other quality concerns with this or other LEGO sets, we encourage you to call Consumer Service and report it.”

What concerns me is how did this set get to sale stage with this issue. LEGO usually prides itself on it’s quality, let’s hope it is just a one off. Have you got the set yet and if so have you got the issue?


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3 thoughts on “LEGO 21303 WALL•E Issue Clarification

  • 04/09/2015 at 00:10

    I have the set and can confirm the spinning head problem. I contacted Lego’s customer care team and they said they have sent me some replacement parts out. So will wait to see if these make a difference. Another small issue is why were no yellow and black striped tiles included in the set for the arms? It’s a small detail and easily bricklinked, but makes the model more movie accurate. Apart from that this is an awesome set, with very interesting building techniques used.

  • 03/09/2015 at 10:01

    It’s interesting that this is the second set this year that has had problems after going to production (Ant-Man being the first). Perhaps Lego are stretching themselves too thin across their in-house themes, multiple licences as well as Lego ideas.

    • 03/09/2015 at 10:28

      I think you are 100% spot on LEGO are a victim of their own success and are spreding themselves too thin. Think they need to reign things in as it’s a worrying sign. 🙁


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