LEGO 30510 90 Years of Cars is evading its pursuers

Another LEGO set for the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary is now available, though actually buying it may prove difficult. 

The LEGO Group is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, with various sets and announcements hopefully in the pipeline. One of the first LEGO sets released in honour of the occasion is 11021 90 Years of Play, a LEGO Classic set we reviewed recently. 

Now a companion to this LEGO set can be acquired. 30510 90 Years of Cars is a polybag which pays tribute to four-wheeled vehicles from across LEGO history. The designer of the set, George Gilliatt, announced its release in a recent Twitter post. Unfortunately he failed to say where exactly it could be purchased, simply mentioning ‘select retailers’ at the time.

The set makes some surprisingly deep dives into LEGO’s past. According to a follow-up tweet the set references 392 Formula 1, 6538 Rebel Roadster, 7236 Police Car and 31079 Sunshine Surfer Van. These sets were released in 1975, 1994, 2005 and 2018 respectively, offering a nice cross-section of LEGO car design.

Of course, if we don’t know how to buy the set it’s rather frustrating to read about it. Within the UK, it seems likely that 30510 90 Years of Cars will appear in some supermarket toy aisles. ASDA has proven a good place to pick up this kind of set before now, suggesting it may be available here going forward. 

The set may also appear on in the future, thanks to its dedicated Polybag page. If you haven’t visited it before now, click LEGO Merchandise on the site’s dropdown menu and choose Polybag from the sub-menu. 

For now, though, it seems acquiring this LEGO set is a more a case of luck than skill.

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