LEGO 40558 Clone Trooper Command Station back in stock

After being unavailable for some time, LEGO 440558 Clone Trooper Command station is back in stock at the official online store.

How many Clone Trooper minifigures do you need in your collection? The correct answer, of course, is ‘More than you’ve got at the moment.’ So you’ll be pleased to hear that 40558 Clone Trooper Command Station is back in stock at The 66 piece set, which contains a Clone Commander, two Clone Troopers and a brick-built command station is ideal for building up those Clone Trooper squads. The set is completed by a weapon rack, a pistol and two blaster rifles.

While the Clone Troopers are ideal for army-building, the Commander minifigure is rather rarer in the Grand Army of the Republic and so is unlikely to be required in such great number by collectors. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent minifigure, with detailed printing and yellow/orange armour highlights. 

Clone Troopers are very much flavour of the month, as – after a lot of online petitioning – fans are finally getting the Phase Two Commander Cody minifigure that they’ve been waiting for on August 1, as part of 75337 AT-TE Walker. Sometimes pestering does pay off.

40558 Clone Trooper Command station is available now, and costs £13.49/$14.99/€14.99.

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