New LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti has an old school vibe

42151 Bugatti Bolide might be one of the first 2023 LEGO sets spotted, but while it may be new, it’s definitely got an old school feel about it.

If there’s one thing that LEGO fans like, it’s news about a new set. So when 42151 Technic Bugatti Bolide broke cover recently, the community was all over it. Slated for launch sometime in 2023, we have a handful of details plus an image of the box front so far, and you can find out what we know by clicking here.

But the thing that has got the aficionados excited is that despite this being the very latest Technic set, it’s got something of a retro vibe about it. Vehicles have been a mainstay of the Technic theme for many years now, with cars making several appearances with each new wave of sets. And they’ve definitely evolved in the 45 years that Technic has been around.

Designs in the early years of the theme were focused mainly on engineering and functionality, with bodywork being suggested by a few panels here and there, and much of the silhouette made up of flexible beams. By comparison, Technic models of today are much more ‘complete’, with ever more complex panels allowing more accurate bodies.

42122 alt17
42122 Jeep Wrangler – looks as solid as the real thing

Many die-hard Technic fans find this disappointing, with the functioning internals like gearboxes, engines and suspension – for many, the raison d’etre of the theme – being hidden away, never to be seen once the build is complete. And so when the artwork for the Bolide became public, many fans were rather pleased.

The set has definitely got a skeletal appearance, with plenty of gaps and exposed beams which, combined with the yellow and black colour scheme, gives it something of an early-noughties feel. Chatter in the Brick Fanatics HQ threw up 8472 Street ‘n’ Mud Racer from 2022 and 8240 Slammer Stunt Bike from the same period. Similar feel, similar colours. The new Bolide may not be as stripped down as the legendary 8880 Super Car, but it definitely feels a bit more old-school Technic than something like 42143 McLaren Senna GTR from last year.

Whether the set has given up on bodywork to focus on functionality, we’ll just have to wait and see. But for the veteran builder who prefers Technic bricks to those unnecessarily curvy beams of today, this just might be what they’ve been waiting for.

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