LEGO 5004941 Bricktober minifigure pack review

This Bricktober minifigure pack, exclusive to Toys R Us, sees the return of four classic Collectible Minifigure – but not exactly as you remember them

Price: £14.99 Pieces: 18 Available: Now

It is already the time of year when Toys R Us and the LEGO Group team up for the promotion that no-one can remember (or ever knew) why it exists – Bricktober. This year, the minifigure four pack range is back, with each set based on a specific LEGO theme.

This pack is simply branded ‘LEGO’, with four characters included,  all based on minifigures from the Collectible Minifigures theme. Boxer, Hippie, Cheerleader and Sailor are all familiar, but none are the same as the last time collectors saw them.

The Boxer has differently decorated legs than the Series 5 edition, but is clearly inspired by the original with a similar symbol used on the belt. The Hippie minifigure has just been recoloured from the original Series 7 version, with the change in hair suggesting it might be the same guy – like all of us, he is just getting older. The Cheerleader, one of the most iconic Collectible Minifigures from Series 1, is back but in green and with a different hairpiece. The Sailor has barely changed from the Series 4 version, with the torso colours reversed and looking rather spiffy.

bricktober (4)

With Collectible Minifigures priced at £2.49, and this set of four minifigures priced at £14.99, it is hard to see this as a good value proposition. But those who do collect all of those blind bagged characters tend to be on the (brick) fanatical side, so will want to pick up this pack of variations. For those who missed the Collectible Minifigures bandwagon first time around this may also be worth a look as it includes classic characters, albeit with slight tweaks.

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