LEGO 5007065 Mystery Minifigure Mini Puzzle (Red Edition) on online store

A smaller and less expensive alternative to the LEGO puzzles made in partnership with Chronicle Books is now available on the online store. 

You’ve heard of bling-bagged, or boxed as they will soon be known, minifigures and blind-boxed LEGO Super Mario character packs but there’s a new mystery LEGO product on the official online store. The first of two mystery minifigure puzzle packs is now available on the official online store. 

5007065 Mystery Minifigure Mini Puzzle (Red Edition) is a lot smaller than previous Chronicle Books LEGO puzzles at just 126 pieces, though the price has been adjusted to reflect that with it costing £7.99 / €8.99. It’s not yet listed on the online store in the US, though it may be added in time. 

The draw of these mystery puzzles is the mystery itself as each pack’s pieces depict one of six minifigures. You might find Flower Pot Girl, Hot Dog Guy, Unicorn Girl, Shark Suit Guy or another mystery minifigure. 

The low price of 5007065 Mystery Minifigure Mini Puzzle (Red Edition) makes it a great option for those who need something small to push them over a specific price threshold. Keep it in mind next time you’re struggling to find something just the right price. 

Alternatively, 5007067 LEGO IDEAS Minifigure Space Mission Puzzle is also available on now for £15.99 / €17.99 after winning a contest in May 2021. 

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