LEGO 5km road race in Mexico

Now those that are familiar with me will know that I take my running career very seriously. what started out as a means to help shed the lbs has now become a very important part of my life and everything else is secondary (yes that includes LEGO). I have gotten to the point where I companies want me to run in their products and also earlier this month won my first race. But what does this have to do about LEGO, well the Mexico RLUG sent Brickset news of a road race that has been endosed by LEGO!! Now I would love to do a race that includes LEGO in the goodie bag!

The sold out race will see 1500 entrants pound the streets Parque Fundidora, Monterrey, Mexico on 29th November, the race is called LEGO Operaciones de Mexico annual 5km road race. The entrants will be wearing a LEGO themed running strip and will each receive an exclusive minifig, pictures of which you’ll find below. Now anyone want to give me an elite entry for this???




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